Just What is ArtConnected?

So what is ArtConnected? Well think of it as the “Linking the arts sector!” What is ArtConnected, well we think the best way to describe it is as the “LINKING THE ARTS SECTOR”. ArtConnected allows for the fast & easy exchange of information on... read more

Why should a musician look at the music business side?

Spending time on developing business skills, sitting on the computer writing biographies and press releases, information and background stories about songs, singing up to organisations, setting up web pages and social media sites and maintaining these takes a lot of... read more

The desire on Art to be found

How Can We Increase the Desire? The Effect of Impact, or Lack of it, in the Arts   It seems incredible to me that the Arts sector is so reticent to adopt change.  When I say change I am talking about the adoption of business change not creative change as we are... read more

We, the distuptors, need to stand up

Having just been to the Venture Capital Conference in Belfast organised by inter trade Ireland the state and public perception of the arts becomes clear. It is a strange event to go to I admit but with the advent of cuts to public funding I feel that the arts and... read more

CFCP Artists Survey Results 2013

Getting the low down on what really matters to Artists Between 2012 and 2013 we at CFCP collected data from 279 migrant, emerging and experimental artists through our Artist Survey. The participating artists covered all disciplines and were mostly located in Dublin.... read more